Are these the Miss Walnes you’re looking for?

Check it out! #52Ancestors Week 14 “In a long list of 1825 [Norwich] Public Library members, I was delighted to find my distant aunt, ‘Miss Walne of Whitlingham’, whose name is printed beside many other Georgian citizens. She was something of a minority as a female (women appear to make up less than ten per […]

#52Ancestors Posts V, VI, VII and VIII: Four weeks of updates in one

Not quite in chronological order (!) a rundown of my last four weeks of #52Ancestors: Week VI: Mapping in March Unusually, I include much of the post from my One-Place Studies post below because it may be of interest to blog followers here, too: “The theme for week six of #52Ancestors is ‘maps’. I have […]

Branch-ing out in Laxfield

#52Ancestors Post V: Branching Out Week Five of #52Ancestors brings us the theme ‘branching out’. The subsequent post has landed here because my One-Name Study includes a marriage between a John ’Walne’ and an Elizabeth Branch in Laxfield, Suffolk, in 1821.  In this post, I look at the Walne-Branch marriage and ask whether one party […]

#52Ancestors Post II: Of Otter Dogs and Sudden Death?

For week two of #52Ancestors, we’re urged to record a favourite find. Well, here’s one of mine. It comes with an explanation of what I think might have happened, some canine facts, and a couple of tips for archive visits.

An ONS Foundry: Lott & Walne Limited

#52Ancestors Post One: Foundations. This year I’m giving #52Ancestors a try, but I’m following it quite loosely so that my endeavours can cover my One-Name Study (where you’re reading this) as well as my One-Place Study and personal blog. Prompts are sent out weekly by Amy Johnson Crow if you’d like to join in. The […]

Business Histories Talk Now Available!

A short update to say that my talk from the Register of Qualified Genealogists’ Conference is now available to view, for free, on the RQG website. The talk, along with those provided by other speakers, will be available until 31 October 2021. You can learn more about my corn merchant project in an earlier post. […]

How the corn merchants claimed my summer

Hello everyone! It’s some time since I updated here, but there are a few things I’d like to share. Framlingham Corn Merchants Project Before the summer holidays, I began researching and writing about corn merchants in Framlingham. I say ‘began’…because I’m not finished! I think there is much more to discover and record. However, I […]