1911: Spelling

In 1911, eleven individuals appeared on their schedule as ‘Warnes Walne’, the others I read as ‘Walne’, although the transcription varies wildly.

Were all of these people registered as such at birth (in the GRO index)? No, although the vast majority were.

Of those born after the introduction of civil registration (all but one record found), there were:

  • Four with totally different names (Chaplin, Entwistle or Miles)
  • One Wain
  • One Walna
  • 174 Walne
  • Two Warnes
  • One Walns
  • Three Wanes
  • One Warne
  • Five Whones
  • Three Woans
  • Two Wones

Wane, Whone, Woan, and Wones were only recorded in Lancashire. Warne and Warnes in Suffolk. This seems to give an indication of the pronunciation in different parts of the country, as well as reflecting the locality of those alternate surnames (see gbnames.publicprofiler.org and you will find localised concentrations of each variant).


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