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Using My Research

I’m so pleased if you find my research useful, and I encourage you to get inspiration from it, reference it and maybe (!) even learn something from it. However, I have put a lot of work into my various projects over the years, and I do ask you to respect that. You must not republish any of it without permission elsewhere online, in print or in other ways.

More details are below; thank you for reading, and if you have and queries please contact me. 

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Text is my own and is usually referenced where appropriate or gives details about how to access full references; mistakes are also my own. If you have concerns about copyright and attribution, please contact me.

My talks are my copyright original works, as are the slides. Images in slides are used with permission from the copyright owners and should be fully referenced. I do not allow recordings of my talks to be shared or otherwise used without my express permission, but am usually happy to make them available to members of a society, for example, for a limited time.

I encourage you to view, read, interact with and enjoy any part or parts of this website for private or educational purposes. For other uses, please get in touch with me via the ‘Contact’ page: I have (and will continue to) put a great deal of work into this site, so you may not, without express and written permission, store the information on this website, or reproduce, copy or transmit any part of it in any other way for any purpose or in any other medium, including incorporation into other websites or printed books.


Badingham & Cransford

Posts about my One-Place Study (or Studies!) in Suffolk, England.

Four Edwardian women, a mother and three daughters, stand in front of an old window.

Walne Surname

Posts about my Surname Study (also known as a One-Name Study) across the globe.


Other Publications

Information about other books, magazines, recordings, and my earliest blog posts.

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