Business Histories Talk Now Available!

A short update to say that my talk from the Register of Qualified Genealogists’ Conference is now available to view, for free, on the RQG website. The talk, along with those provided by other speakers, will be available until 31 October 2021. You can learn more about my corn merchant project in an earlier post. […]

Bankruptcy Research

There were a few questions about bankruptcy after my talk, and I just wanted to pop a few links in a post for anybody wishing to research the topic. I am certainly not a specialist in this area, but hopefully, these are good places to start if you would like to learn more: As is […]

How the corn merchants claimed my summer

Hello everyone! It’s some time since I updated here, but there are a few things I’d like to share. Framlingham Corn Merchants Project Before the summer holidays, I began researching and writing about corn merchants in Framlingham. I say ‘began’…because I’m not finished! I think there is much more to discover and record. However, I […]