Snakes and Ladders: the clues and crimson fish hiding in first names

These days most parents seem to spend weeks reading baby name books, discussing naming options and trying out short-listed forenames on friends and family. Many even debate as far as the particular spelling of the name, the possibility of initials being a acronym for something less than pleasant, and whether the name works in all […]

What’s in my name? In the footsteps of my namesakes.

It’s very odd to see your name on a gravestone. The first time this happened to me I was still at Primary School, exploring the old stomping grounds of my family with my parents. It was a weird sensation. More recently I have been back to the same churches, taken photographs and done a lot […]

“That which we call a Rhoda, by any other name would smell as sweet”

Perhaps the quote is taking it a little far, but given that the meaning of ‘Rhoda’ is ‘Rose’ it is not completely far fetched. While researching today I came to ponder the usage of the name ‘Rhoda’. How many have you ever met? I have made the acquaintance of two. One, a lovely colleague; the […]