Secret Norwich, Elizabeth Walne, Amberley Publishing.

Secret Norwich, Elizabeth Walne, Amberley Publishing.

Secret Norwich

In 2017 I was delighted to be asked by Amberley Publishing to write the Norwich edition of their 'Secret' series. The book was published on 15 March, 2018 and joins a long list of titles looking at lesser-known history of towns and cities across the country.

Find the book locally in several different bookshops, or, if you prefer, buy online direct from Amberley or other popular websites. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody that was aware I was working on this project for their support. I very much hope there is something in the book for anyone interested in Norwich to enjoy.


Beautifully illustrated and produced, this book is a real delight. So far removed from the standard tourist and local history books this is perfect for someone who wants to get a feel of the depth of history in a living city and be stimulated to explore further. Full of interesting anecdotes, and ‘Did you know that’ s, it’s the perfect book for dipping into after supper, a useful companion for a visit to Norwich and essential reading for local historians and those who live locally. The author has chosen her personal favourite stories and places and that makes it all the more fascinating.
— review on Secret Norwich, posted by 'Norfolk Historian' on 08/04/2018


  • Chapter Four has been titled 'Upper Market' in the printed edition. This should be 'Up Market and Upper Market'
  • Sophia Riches, at the time of her death, was Henry Webster's widow (one for the eagle eyed!)
  • On p28 'Copyright untraced' should appear with the left-hand caption, not the right