Research and Publications


Elizabeth offers research consultancy to the media or other organisations for special projects and is currently working on a small number of larger projects (rather than small amounts of research for individuals). However, should you wish to get in touch with a query please do, and she will be happy to point you in the direction of other people and organisations that may be able to help.


Elizabeth's blog is updated when commitments allow. Follow @elizabethwalne or subscribe to her RSS feed to be the first to know when it's updated.


A selection of talks available electronically:

Genetic Genealogy (2017)

Made available as Episode Five on the Norfolk Heritage Centre podcast after Elizabeth's Heritage Hour, October 2017.

Researching in Norfolk (2017)

A short talk given at Who Do You Think You Are Live 2017, made available by the Register of Qualified Genealogists. 

Talks for Groups

Elizabeth is re-opener talk bookings (for 2020 evening events only), following an extended maternity leave into 2019.


Secret Norwich (2018)

Secret Norwich, Elizabeth's most recent book with Amberley Publishing, was published on 15 March 2018. It includes seven themed chapters exploring some of her favourite lesser-known aspects of the city's history. Hopefully it highlights stories and sources not published before and provides an interesting read for locals and visitors alike. 

The book is available online or in local bookshops and copies have also been given to Norfolk Library and Information Service and Norfolk Record Office.

One-Name Study (2017)

Elizabeth launched in early 2017 and aims to develop it over the next few years.

One-Place Study (2017)

Similarly, came into being in 2017. This too will be developed over the coming years and will encompass Cransford - toddlers allowing!

Suffolk Maps (2015)

Created for her own research, these useful parish maps can be downloaded from the resources page.

The Moated Grange (2015)

Elizabeth supported the author, Elaine Murphy, in the research for this publication, which also features two chapters on her own ancestors. The book focuses on the story of south Norfolk through the owners and occupiers of one home over several centuries.

Researching your World War One Ancestors (2014)

A guide to finding out more about your First World War ancestors, written in partnership with colleagues. Available for purchase in Norfolk libraries and museums, or downloadable from the Norfolk Record Office website.

Please note that since 2014 some websites, prices etc have changed and additional record sets have become accessible.

Disaster, Resistance and Consequence (2014)

Anti-vaccinators in Norwich 1882-1885: Who were they and how were they punished?

Elizabeth's MSc dissertation. Elizabeth has regularly given talks on this subject, so get in touch if you'd like to know more.

As part of the project she transcribed nearly 5000 individual vaccination register entries for Norwich between 1882 and 1885. 

Diss and District Through Time (2012)

An addition to Amberley's well known series, this is available in all good bookshops, and you can also borrow it from your Norfolk library.

Magazine articles

In 2014 Elizabeth wrote a 'Focus On' piece for Who Do You Think You Are? magazine about Section 62 parish emigration, using an example from Winfarthing, Norfolk. You can also hear her on the WDYTYA? September 2014 podcast (available here: 

Newspaper column

Elizabeth previously wrote a newspaper column for the Diss Express, examples of which can be found on the web.

Other Research

Copies of research projects, including a study of Assisted Emigration in Norfolk 1836-7 and another on illegitimacy and bastardy records in Shipdham, 1785-1834, are lodged at Norfolk Record Office and Norfolk Heritage Centre. 


"A novice explorer in house history needs a guide and good companion, and there could be no finer than Elizabeth Budd, nee Walne…she nailed down ancestors, their later descendants, and unearthed so much more than I ever would have alone. Elizabeth has done all the basic slog of tracking the documentation through Elizabethan time to the twentieth century…I simply could not have written this book without her and my expression of thanks is bound to be inadequate."

“Your Local History provided an efficient yet friendly professional service handling potentially difficult family issues sensitively. I am delighted with the book, which is backed up with detailed due diligence and research. The photographs really bring to life the different locations. An excellent record of past generations, not just who they were but where they lived and what they did. Totally fascinating and a great record for future generations. Thank you so much for all your hard work, I will be recommending your service to other friends seeking to investigate their past.”