100 years ago: First World War Wound

The Preston Herald reported on 16 June, 1917, that Private H Walne L.N.L (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) had been wounded. “Pte Herbert Walne, L.N.L, whose parents reside in George Street, Longridge, has been wounded in the arm, and is in hospital in Chatham. He was called up in the early part of 1916 and has been […]

1911: Spelling

In 1911, eleven individuals appeared on their schedule as ‘Warnes Walne’, the others I read as ‘Walne’, although the transcription varies wildly. Were all of these people registered as such at birth (in the GRO index)? No, although the vast majority were. Of those born after the introduction of civil registration (all but one record […]

1911: Where born?

In the interests of surname research, only those men and women born Walnes and still being so in 1911 are in included in this graphic. In other words, women who took the name Walne on marriage are excluded, leaving 203 individuals. Of those, one gentleman is a puzzle and no birth record has been found. […]

1911: Married in? Children? Age?

How many of the 262 (for now – already one down on my previous post!) Walnes in the 1911 census were Walnes by marriage? 59 – or 22.5% 54 of these women appear to have been the first wives of their Walne husband, four the second, and one, the third. None of them were Walnes before […]

1911: where?

Having achieved an estimate of the number of Walnes in the 1911 census, where exactly were they in England and Wales? The answer, for 63% of them, was Lancashire. By far the biggest chunk were in Alston/Dilworth/Longridge, the home of 41/263 individuals. There were also concentrations in Blackburn (25), Colne (16), Oldham (16), Burnley (15), […]

1911: How many?

While this might seem a simple question, the impact of surname variation and transcription error means that there’s no simple answer! My study deals with a relatively small population, which means that I have been able to start compiling a master index of every individual born before 1911 with the surname Walne (or who used it later […]