Norfolk additions to FindMyPast

It's Norfolk's turn for some new and/or improved data sets on FindMyPast. Please forgive me for copy and pasting the press release...time is short with a new arrival due any hour now!

(With thanks to FindMyPast)

Norfolk Parish Registers Browse

Browse through original parish registers spanning more than 300 years of Norfolk history. Delve through more than 13,000 pages of baptism, marriage, banns and burial registers covering Church of England across the region.

Many of the records included in this collection predate civil registration and a number of registers date back to the early 16th century.

Norfolk Parish Chest Records 1300-1990 Browse

Explore more than 227,000 parish chest records from Norfolk in a collection spanning six centuries. These records will enable you to browse through account books, apprenticeship registers, vital event records, poor rate books, and much more.

A wide variety of topics and events are contained within the parish chest. A full list of everything included can be found at the bottom of the search screen.

Norfolk Land Tax Assessments 1665-1837 Browse

Browse through over 60,000 assorted tax assessment records for the county of Norfolk. The collection spans the years 1665 to 1837. The Norfolk Record Office records included in this collection are classified into the following event type categories:

·        Assessment for ongoing war

·        Assessment lists for royal aids

·        Assessment lists for royal aids and window tax assessments

·        Land & window tax assessments

·        Land tax assessments

·        Poll & land tax assessments

·        Poll tax assessment

·        Window tax assessments

Norfolk Borough Records 1317-1981 Browse

Browse through more than 58,000 Norfolk borough records from 1317 to 1981. There are 44 different types of record included this collection covering apprentices, freeman, courts, churches, petitions, sessions, poor rates and more.

The amount of information you can learn from these records will depend on the event type and the year of creation. A full list of what is included can be found at the bottom of the search screen.

Norfolk Archdeacon's Transcripts 1600-1812 Image Browse

Explore over 78,000 Archdeacon's transcripts to uncover vital details related to your ancestor's baptism, marriage, and burial.

Archdeacon's transcripts are copies of parish registers that were sent to the archdeacon. Prior to 1812, all copies of registers were sent to the archdeacon. After 1812, the copies were sent to the bishop and became known as the bishop's transcripts.

New additions for Suffolk on FindMyPast

FindMyPast have recently added seven new publications to their collection:

  • Suffolk Hearth Tax Returns (1674)

  • Wills and Inventories from Court of the Commissary of Bury St Edmunds (1370-1650)

  • smityhParish Registers of West Stow & Wordwell (1558-1850)

  • Parish Registers of Rushbrook (1567-1850)

  • Parish Registers of Ickworth (1566-1890)

  • Parish Registers of Denham (1539-1850)

  • Parish Registers of Chillesford (1740-1812)

These are presented in .pdf format and to search them you can only use exact word search. This will take you to a page for you to scan through to find the entry, not directly to an individual transcript. Old hands will appreciate this means that you may need to try several variations to find your person of interest. 

Note: this collection is available with a Pro subscription (ie not a Plus subscription) so you will need to upgrade or visit your local library if you have the more basic package.


Deceased Online add 10,000 photographs from 90 Norfolk cemeteries

Deceased Online will be a familiar website to many readers, and has been enormously helpful to me personally to crack some brick walls - but until recently it has perhaps been 'light' on Norfolk records. That has begun to change with the addition of an enormous collection of photographs taken by Louise Cocker. Over 10,000 photographs from 90 cemeteries/churchyards went live yesterday, and according to the site many thousands more are in process. 

Louise and her mother Angela have been documenting headstones since 2009 and in total the collection covers more than 100,000 individuals with related photographs (including headstones, memorials, plaques, churchyard layouts and much more). 

When searching, the site recommends using '%' in place of some search fields as this will help where elements of the monumental inscriptions were illegible after centuries of weathering. The announcement from Deceased Online also includes a useful tip: if you have several family members in the same graveyard, it may be more cost effective to buy all the photographs for that location than to purchase individual images.

For the complete announcement, please follow this link:

Happy searching!