Temporary halt where new projects are concerned…

As those of you that know me in ‘real life’ will know, we are imminently expecting a new addition to the family. I’m now to all intents and purposes on leave from one employed role, and that will extend officially to both roles at the beginning of May. The same will be the case for my research and writing, which I fit around my other commitments.

My new book was released on 15 March (just in time! See link to Secret Norwich at the top of the page for details), and there will be a couple of events related to that in the next couple of weeks, but otherwise you’re unlikely to hear much from me until Heritage Open Days, which this year extend over two weekends in September. My postponed talk from March will most likely take place then as its focus on women before the bench ties in perfectly.

I’ll be doing my best to keep up with developments in local family history and will post updates of these now and again (in fact, there’s a good one coming up very shortly…!) but I make no promises as to the frequency of these as newborn and toddler will be front and centre for the foreseeable. The same goes for my blogs on my One-Name and One-Place sites, but I will aim to respond to all email enquiries, as I always have, as best I can.

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