Update – my confinement and maternity leave!

As those of you that follow me on twitter will know, a month ago we welcomed our baby son (and first born heir!). He and I are both doing well after an extremely short labour (phew, although it was a close call making it to a midwife in time) and surviving the first whirlwind weeks.

As far as the blog goes, I was able to write and schedule a few posts while we waited for him to make his appearance, but those have now run out. I intend to keep posting, but at the same time want to enjoy a little maternity leave while he is tiny (well, in age at least – he was already too big for newborn clothes at birth…)

So, if it is a few weeks before my next post, I apologise, but bear with us – there will be more in the future! The same goes for progress on my ONS and I’m on leave from the day job too for the time being. I will still be answering emails as best as possible so please do enquire if you’re looking for speakers etc. I also tend to check twitter for interesting things during night feedings so that will likely be my most active form of media for the foreseeable. 

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