Suffolk and Essex Free Press

New to the British Newspaper Archive is the Suffolk and Essex Free Press, 1855-1900.

The digitised and searchable collection includes weekly issues from Thursday 30 August 1855 – Thursday 30 December 1869; and weekly Wednesday issues from 7 January 1885 – 26 December 1900.

The very useful Newsplan survey of East Midlands and East of England shows that the gap between 1870 and 1884 is mirrored in the physical holdings at the BL and film copies at SRO: Bury – just cut off in 1900 for the online ones. The first edition was published on 5 July 1855, just a few weeks prior to the digitised collection beginning.

The newspaper was known originally as the Free Press and General Advertiser before a brief stint as the West Suffolk and North Essex Free Press (30 August 1855 – 12 June 1856). From 20 January 1949 it became the Suffolk Free Press. 

A brief search on my usual search terms shows this is a particularly good source for Sudbury (it’s place of publication, funnily enough) and immediate surrounding area at the dates published. I will be interested to catch up on all the gossip about my several greats uncle’s dealings in Lavenham which is just a couple of miles up the road…

Nowadays, the paper is still based in Sudbury, serving South Suffolk and North Essex.

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