Parish Registers: What’s Where (update and Wymondham-Yelverton)

Important note August 2016: since this post was originally written and the spreadsheet information was collated, collection names have been changed to more accurately reflect the years included in the published images. Therefore, the spreadsheet will sometimes indicate, for FMP, that register images extend further than they really do, as the most recent entries in the registers have not, in fact, been included and transcribed. The Ancestry collections often indicate the full range of the original register as the title, but again the more recent entries are not included.

You may remember that in the summer I posted guides to help you find parish register images and transcripts for Norfolk parishes A-B.

Why did it stop there? Two reasons, the main being that I became aware of other projects in the pipeline which would put it out of date very quickly, the other being the amount of time it takes to do the research (which isn’t exactly exciting, either).

Roll on to January, and I decided to start investigating the newly released indexed records on TheGenealogist and post a few of Norfolk’s most popularly requested parishes. That’s because, even doing seven at a time, it would take more than 100 posts to do them all.

Attached below are details of where to find Church of England parish registers (as things stand today) for Wymondham, Great Yarmouth, Yaxham and Yelverton. In other words, the last seven parishes in Norfolk, because depending how you slice it, in GY, you can consider St Andrew, St George and St Peter joined with St Nicholas or otherwise. 

Generally speaking, it is worth reiterating, that all of our favourite genealogy websites are not always brilliant at providing information on exactly what you’re searching. Therefore, the dates given may conceal gaps. Read my full last blog post here for more tips. Where it comes to TheGenealogist, I have not upgraded my subscription to write this post. However, it is possible to see if any results (redacted of course) come up for each parish, albeit not which years are covered, hence the asterisk on the pdf where I have put ‘Yes’ as a statement of availability. 

It is also worth providing some additional information about some of these parishes. 

  • Several of Wymondham and Great Yarmouth’s registers are also available at Norfolk Record Office as digital images, which may be better than those available elsewhere
  • Great Yarmouth’s registers are largely UFP (unfit for production). Why? Because this:

Norfolk Library & Information Service

Norfolk Library & Information Service

Most of the registers were very badly damaged following bombing during the Second World War, to the point where they could literally crumble on touch – it is not therefore surprising that they cannot be brought out for you to leaf through. In recent years some have been reimaged as new and better technology helps out. In addition there are several types of transcript (please ask at Norfolk Record Office) as well as Weekly Register Bills 1773-1841, kept in the searchroom.

Here is a pdf with the dates for these parishes:  

Wymondham to Yelverton

Will I be completing this process for all 700+ Norfolk parishes? No.

However, I will occasionally post one of the larger or more tricky to find/access ones…and I’ll take requests!

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