Happy New Blog!

Well, not really perhaps as this blog has been around a while now, but 2016 is a bit of a new start for it as my priorities for the site change a little and my research interests evolve.

2015 was a quiet time for my website, except for an upgrade mid year and the addition of another domain name, elizabethbudd.co.uk – many will come across me via my married name these days, so I figured after three years of marriage, and turning 30, that maybe it was time to add that commitment!

This year is likely to be one bringing significant change to both my working and personal lives so I won’t guarantee to post hundreds of updates here in 2016, but I do hope to post in the main about:

  • interesting discoveries/records found through my One Name Study, as well as photos of locations and other relevant information for other Walne (Walney/Waln/Woan/Wohne etc) researchers
  • my upcoming events eg talks and workshops. Like blog posts, these are likely to be more limited this year for various reasons, but I already plan, for instance, on a temperance event during Dry January and a women convicts workshop for International Women’s Day in March
  • things I’ve been researching/thinking about that might be of interest to other local researchers

For at least the first six months of the year I am unlikely to be taking on new projects outside the day job so that next book might need to wait until 2017…

Happy New Year! 

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