Gratuitous Christmas Blog

The temperature’s dropped, the lights are on, the animal stories are in the paper and Christmas Coca Cola truck is outside the Forum against a backdrop of hourly fake snow showers; it must be Christmas time!

 Just for fun, here are some festive snippets to be enjoyed with a glass of mulled wine and some left over turkey and pickled onions.

The surname Christmas is a fairly common one in these parts. Just a few examples:

  • John Christmas Mann, baptised 28 August 1830 at Cley next the Sea.
  • Eliza Holley Christmas, baptised 18 March 1794 at Holt
  • Christian Christmas, baptised 10 December 1608 at Colkirk
  • John Worship, married 27 September 1791 at Hindolveston – witness William Christmas
  • Harriet Louisa Tinsel, baptised 11 November 1803 at Great Yarmouth 

In a more general sense, has (accessed today): 

  • 182,121 results for first name ‘Santa’
  • 206,651 for ‘Rudolf’
  • 64 results for surname ‘Bauble’
  • 1548 results for surname ‘Turkey’
  • Seven listings for surname ‘Reindeer’
  • 13,679 Dashers; 23,704 Dancers; 30 Prancers; 279 Vixens; 1578 Comets; 1,717 Cupids; 36,931 Donners and 107 Blitzens.
  • 1973 results with surname ‘Elf’
  • 12,608 hits for surname ‘Sprout’
  • …and a christening for a Lilian Ruth Christmas Tree on 18 January 1903 at Hackington, Kent

Post yours below!

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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  1. I just blogged about Lilian Ruth Christmas Tree and was trying to track down more information about her — I've never seen anyone else with the name "Christmas Tree" — but it looks like we both found her at in the same place. 🙂

    Happy holidays!

  2. Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

    Unique one on me too, although I found some other gems this Christmas, including Christmas Pye and Christmas Bush!

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