A foggy blog: three hours, two legs and nearly 40 churches (Part F)

Take the cut through over the road from St Helen and cross the playing fields of the Norwich School to Hook’s Walk with its view of the Cathedral (somewhat less striking than usual today).


At the end of Hook’s Walk, the open space in front of you marks the spot of the former St Mary in the Marsh, pulled down in 1564. Rather than changing parish boundaries, the residents of the Close began worshipping in St Luke’s Chapel inside the Cathedral where the church’s font remains today. (See my facebook page for pictures of St Luke’s Chapel).


Head out of the close through the archway and turn right onto Tombland. Behind the Edith Cavell pub is St George Tombland.


Walk around the back of the church and under another quirky archway to come back onto Tombland. Turn left and pass the roundabout. St Simon and St Jude is on your left.


Turn left up the famous, cobbled, Elm Hill and pass the back of Blackfriars Hall. The small church at the top of the hill is St Peter Hungate.


Continue up straight ahead at the top of Elm Hill and on your left is St Michael at Plea.


Now turn left down Queen Street and you will spot St Mary the Less, already well out of use by 1837 (at least for Church of England worship, it is famous for Strangers and Waloons now) snuggled between shops.


Do an about turn and head back to Redwell Street. Turn right down St Andrew’s Street and you will spot the enormous St Andrews and Blackfriars Hall to your right, a remnant of one of the city’s medieval friaries. The church is over the road to your left, and the last on our tour.


Walk up the hill to the left of St Andrew and you will once again be in the thick of the pedestrianised city centre. From here you can turn right and continue down to the Guildhall and along Gentleman’s Walk past the old market and city hall before heading back to the bus station, or turn left then almost immediately right to get onto Castle Meadow and the grounds of the Castle.

So there you have it, a foggy blog. Congratulations if you made it all the way to the end. I’ll be off now to drink a warm beverage…

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