A foggy blog: three hours, two legs and nearly 40 churches (Part C)

Follow Bethel Street past the police station and old (very recently ‘old’) fire station and you will see St Giles rise up in front of you. I believe the top of the tower may be the highest point in the city (even above the Cathedral’s spire). On a clear day, you can see the Catholic cathedral’s tower in the background. Today was not such a day.


Walk down Cow Hill (to your right after St Giles’ church) and then turn left along Pottergate. Before entering the underpass, turn right and you will see the tower of St Benedict in the centre of an 80s housing development. The church was bombed in the same raids which claimed St Michael at Thorn and St Julian.


Continue north to St Benedict’s Street and turn right. You will spot St Swithin’s church, now better known as the fabulous Norwich Arts Centre, to your left. 



Keep going east and you will almost immediately come across St Margaret (see St Laurence in the right hand photo, too).  


And then almost immediately St Laurence.


The parishes here were very narrow, running north to south and taking in part of the Wensum. The next one is St Gregory, on the other side of the road. 


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